Tuesday, December 18, 2007

New pants, new attitude

My jeans? They are snug. As you could probably tell from that 8 week picture, my stomach is rounding quickly, and my jeans are leaving tell-tale waistband imprints on my skin. So I caved and bought...MATERNITY JEANS....duh duh duhhhhhhh. I tried to just go up a size but the waistband was still so tight and non-stretchy. And itchy and uncomfortable and just no. I ordered two pairs of jeans from Gap Maternity and one pair of black work type pants for the time being. And let me tell you something: stretchy waistbands are where it's at. Why we have suffered for so long stuffing our behinds into stiff pants is beyond me! Rejoice in the stretchy waistband!

Oh excuse me. I forgot for a minute that I am 26 and not 86. I don't really LIKE stretchy pants...just right now when I am gassy, and bloated, and my shape changes 5 times a day. The pants I bought are all a little big right now, which makes sense since I don't have a big ol' belly hanging around nor has my behind grown that much. But in due time, these pants will be a lifesaver. I'll settle for a little saggy right now if that means I can breathe comfortably and eat and not worry about the waistband of my pants slicing a hole in my hip.

In other news, we leave for Florida on Sunday, and I am just tickled pink. We decided to stuff a week's worth of stuff into two carry-ons...2 plane changes does not make me confident that our things will show up if we check them. I figure that about a tenth of my summer weather wardrobe fits anyhow so I'll be the chick wearing the same two skirts and tanks for the week. Washed and dried of course. At least every other day :) That, some flip flops, a bathing suit (OH GOD KILL ME NOW), and a dress for the country club dinner we'll most likely attend, and bam! We are packed. This is going to be my least fashionable vacation, and I am damn excited.

And when we get back, I go down to part time at work. Tuesdays and Thursdays I will be kicking ass and taking names at the office, and Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays you can find me watching Oprah, yoga-ing prenatal style, and attending various doctor appointments. Oh, and working for Tim. In my spare time. Nap time is from 2pm-3:30pm, just so you know.

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