Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Sleepy the Dwarf

I can't find my camera! The camera with my last belly picture on it and the nursery photos! Gah! It has got to be here somewhere but where? These days I can't remember where I put that glass of water I just poured let alone where the camera may be. I was so excited to show you all the new pictures, but alas, it is not meant to be today. Maybe Friday.

Baby update: kicking like a madman, causing me all sorts of discomfort. I didn't think I would already be at the point where I am ready for him to come out. I have just under three more months to go and I am uncomfortable. I am not hugely pregnant yet, just feeling cumbersome. It's like the third trimester started and bam! all the simplicity and ease of the second trimester went out the window. Here is an example of an average night in the Smith household:

10:30 pm Head off to bed, water in hand.
10:45 pm Finish bathroom routine and roll into bed.
10:45 pm Scoot around until I can get comfy with my boyfriend, the Snoogle pillow.
11:20 pm Have to pee. Get up to pee.
11:22 pm Get back in bed and rearrange the Snoogle, again.
11:23 - 2:15 am Sleep, sort of.
2:16 am Wake up. Have to pee. Get up to pee.
2:17 am Walk right into the doorway to the bathroom, swear loudly.
2:17.5 am No response from Tim who is snoring.
2:20 am Waddle back to bed.
2:23 - 3:35 am Sleep. Glorious sleep.
3:36 am Wake up. Have to pee, again. Get up, again.
3:39 - 4:45 am Contemplate just getting up for the day. Think that is stupid.
4:46 - 6:00 am Roll around and kick the Snoogle out of bed for bad behavior.
6:01 - 7:15 am Lay there sighing until it wakes up Tim. Poke him until he grumbles.
7:16 am Get up for good, pee again.

Don't we all agree that schedule is BS? I refuse to think "oh, you're just getting ready for the baby" and "that's what it will be like when the baby comes". Get off it. I think it's complete and utter crap. I am controlled by my bladder and the little weasel who is sitting on it. He has no other objective other than to torture me at this exact time. He's not trying to teach me what it will be like when he's here. Oh no, he's just rubbing his little hands together and grinning devilishly. Little does he know that I become the BOSS when he gets here...right? Please tell me I am the boss. I want to be the boss.

Until then, he is in charge. Monday is my next ultrasound and doctor appointment so I am hoping for good news. Maybe he'll have turned and isn't breech (though I have a feeling he hasn't based on his kicking patterns, aka right on my cervix) and my placenta has moved northbound. If not, who knows what they'll say. Either way, he's in charge for at least 10 more weeks. Ok, boss, what's it going to be?

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