Monday, December 29, 2008

Best. Christmas. EVER.

My parents love Christmas.  My parents love Noah.  So for Christmas, my parents bought Tim and I a Nikon D60 dslr camera.  What I mean is our names were on the gift tag but it is clearly a gift for their benefit since it will allow me to take amazing, awesome, perfect pictures of Noah FOR THEM.  They can't fool me, I've got their number.   Here are a couple of shots taken with the new camera:

The quality of the pictures is phenomenal and oh, let's just say, BREATHTAKING.  Wait.  That's probably just me since I am slightly obsessed with the subject.  I am so so so happy with the camera so consider this a public THANK YOU MOM AND DAD for being damn awesome. 

Photos of Noah crying while opening Christmas presents to come.  We've been busy around these parts.


Chrissie Sparks said...

The pictures are amazing! I hope you enjoyed your first Christmas!

bessie.viola said...

Wow - those pictures are adorable! I'm thinking that your mom & dad are devious geniuses!

The subject's adorable nature helps, too. :)

becoming-mom said...

Ignore the photo part of my previous comment, i have my answer. They look great!! What a great gift (that will keep on giving :)