Friday, January 30, 2009

Baby Stuff We Love, Six Month Edition

1.  Evenflo Exersaucer.  This baby containment, entertainment, sanity-saving device was the best hundred bucks we spent all year.  Noah LOVES it.  I mean L-O-V-E-S it.  He'll happily play in it until I have decided I have given him enough "alone time" and when I take him out he reaches to go back.  That never ever happened with his swing or bouncy seat.  I think it has strengthened his leg muscles and really encouraged him to grasp and pull and push.  He adores gnawing on the toys and pressing the buttons for the music.  I know a lot of physical therapists don't agree with the exersaucer, and I think it has to do with the way the baby "sits" in it being hard on their hips if they're in there for hours, but I think it's a handy dandy way for me to get things done around the house while keeping him safe and entertained.  I mean, I won't leave him in there for HOURS so that's good, right?  

2. Baby Bjorn.  I know I spoke the merits of the mei tai earlier, and it has been wonderful for around the house and the warmer months, but the Bjorn has been fantastic for when we're in and out of the car on our errands.  It's a snap, literally, to put him in and I have the fleece cover so his legs and arms stay warm in this cold weather.  He loves riding in it at the grocery store and tends to stay calmer for longer.  I just put the harness on under my coat before we leave and the snap him in right out of the carseat.  Easy peasy.

3. Our foam puzzle playmat.  I have this in our family room in lieu of a blanket on the floor and it's great.  It's soft but not too soft that Noah can't scoot himself around and it cleans up easily with a little swiffer action.  You can make it as big or small as you want to fit your space.  

4. Flannel receiving blankets.  I have found these to be the perfect way to not have to change Noah's crib sheet everytime he drools too much or leaks through his diaper.  Since he's a tummy sleeper he tends to leave wet puddles wherever his head is and you just try to imagine how fun it is to change a sheet three-four times a day.  So I just tuck these over the top half of his crib mattress right over the sheet, and if he makes a mess, then all I have to do is switch out the blanket rather than the whole sheet.  The flannel in the blanket almost makes it "stick" to the sheet so I don't worry about him pulling it up or or getting tangled in it.  I didn't start this until he was about 5 months just in case he did get it pulled over his face he can grab and pull so he can move the blanket if that were to happen.  So far, so good.  

5.  Fisher Price Healthy Care Booster Seat.  Holy crap, people, is this thing great.  I hemmed and hawed over what highchair we should get for Noah for MONTHS.  Do we go with a big highchair, padded, reclining seat with all the bells and whistles or do we get a classic wood chair that is adjustable and pulls up to the table?  Either way we would be spending a lot of money on something that would be mooching space in our kitchen.  Here is how I managed to use what I had and spent next to nothing.  When I started out with solids, I fed him in his bouncy chair since he wasn't quite ready to sit up.  When he could sit up better, I moved him to his Bumbo seat placed on the kitchen counter (ALWAYS with a hand on him, never alone, don't alert DCFS) with the tray.  Then I scoured the internet for reviews on every highchair imaginable.  I was pretty sure I wanted a wood, adjustable, pull up to the table chair, until I came across a site that had what seemed like very honest recommendations from other parents.  Consistently the FP Healthy Care Booster was mentioned as a permanent alternative to the big highchair, though the booster is really touted as a great travel highchair.  So instead of spending a couple hundred on a highchair, I decided to use the booster as my ONLY highchair.  My mom picked one up for us at Target, I strapped it to our kitchen chair, and voila!  Insta-highchair AND it tucks right under the table while still attached to the kitchen chair.  It takes no additional space and is at just the right height for Noah to pull up to the table or eat with the tray on.  And it's plastic so there are no crevices for slimy food and crumbs to get caught in.  I literally wipe it down after every meal and we're done.  No muss, no fuss. I heart you FP Healthy Care Booster Seat.  I want to make out with you.  Loves.

6.  First Years Take & Toss feeding bowls.  These are just SO EASY to heat up Noah's food in and they come with lids for traveling.  They are the perfect size and will last us a long time.  Contrary to the name, these are completely dishwasher safe (top rack only!) and reusable many times.  

7. Infantino Activity Stacker toy.  Baby toys seem to be a pretty personal-choice type thing.  Noah adores this stacker and especially the green rattle one.  He is slowly getting the hang of putting the stacker back together, but he really just loves waving his arms to make it rattle and roll.  This was by far the best toy we got him, but that's not to say your kid will love it.  I recently got him this toy which is adorable, but he hates it.  Maybe he'll grow into it, maybe not.  

I am positive there are more things we love, but for now these are the tops in our house!

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bessie.viola said...

I'm joining in on the FP booster - we have a high chair too, but the booster is the best.thing.ever.

It's so easy to travel with too - perfect for childless friend's homes!!

Also love the Take & Toss containers. They seal better than anything else.