Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Look! It's a baby! A cute baby! A cute baby that is quickly changing into a little boy! How did this happen?!?

Said cute baby has decided that he does not need to learn how to crawl to get around.  Rolling gets him around just fine thankyouverymuch.  He must take after his mother in the laziness department.  

And the swings!  Noah loves the swings.  Like starts to hyperventilate when he spots the park kind of love and kicks his little legs the entire time he's swinging.  I kind of think it's the best thing ever and one of things I will miss the most IF I have to go back to work (nothankyounothankyounothankyou).

Today was near 80 and sunny.  Tomorrow's forecast: 49 and rainy.  Screw you, Chicago.  I'll be back soon with some actual content.  I hope.

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Anonymous said...

Oh I LOVE that last picture!

Michigan weather has been doing the same thing - it's so annoying. I want spring to just STAY!!