Saturday, March 21, 2009

The Super! Sunny! Sunday! Edition

We had our first temper tantrum yesterday.  Flat-out screaming and wailing and fist-pounding on his booster tray.  He even squeezed a hot, angry tear out of his right eye.  Tim and I were just SHOCKED into silence at the sheer noise coming out of such a tiny little thing.  My mind flashed forward to a year from now except I am *mysteriously* in Target (OH!  BIG NEWS.  A new Target is being built WITHIN WALKING DISTANCE.  Be still my heart.  And a big apology in advance to my wallet.) and Noah is on the ground, thrashing around, and screaming about the injustices of his wee life.  And then I buried that possible scenario far back into my brain, hopefully to not unearth it for a looooooong time.  

And I found a new park.  A quiet, non-social park that is PERFECT for my cranky days.  The other park close to our house is like Super Mommy Central and I feel like I need to be all showered and dressed and Presentable.  This one is small, tucked between two houses on a small city lot and rarely has more than a handful of kids at it.  Perfect.


Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness Sara, the TANTRUMS. Glad that he's getting a head start and breaking you in early. Madeline does this too, only now she's added kicking feet and flailing fists to the mix. It's horrifying and hilarious, both.

Especially when it happens in church. ;)

Paige said...

Argh - it seems like every park in LA is Super Mommy Central, and they're all 40+ with fake hair, fake boobs, fake tans, and $900 strollers. Something tells me I won't blend well...