Wednesday, April 15, 2009

I'm lost in Amazon reviews...send help

Let's cheer things up around here shall we?  And be cheer, I mean discussing this major problem I seem to have lately.  It all started around the time I found out we were pregnant.  First it was the crib, then it was the stroller, then the exersaucer, now it's the activity table, the NEXT stroller, the NEXT car seat, and so on and so forth.  It's the curse of Too Much Research.  Too Much Information.  I used to be able to research and make decisions for my clients, many times worth millions of dollars, in minutes.  I would make EDUCATED decisions in minutes.  Now?  I spend days, possibly weeks, researching and making decisions about baby gear.  And I know I am not alone.  

My neighbor, my dear, sweet friend, has spent days agonizing over which red wagon to get for her son to ride in.  A WAGON.  She is not curing cancer, or even choosing a vacation destination.  She is buying a wagon to cart her kid around in.  And lest you think all wagons are the same, you just search "wagon" in the Toys and Games section of Amazon and prepare to be amazed.  There is your classic Radio Flyer option (now retailing at a whopping $80....whaaaaaaat?) but that doesn't have the higher, safer sides nor does it have the super special and fantastic air filled all terrain tires.  There are options with seats and cupholders...but I don't think you get a automatic recline or leather wrapped interior on that model.  You can get canopies and parasols, wooden sides, padded sides, metal or plastic.  No wonder she's overwhelmed!  As my mother would say:  you didn't have any of that and you turned out just fine.  But did we?  Some days I truly wonder.  

The wagon crusade is just one example of Too Much Research, Too Much Information.  I spent MONTHS looking for an umbrella stroller to keep in the car for errands.  Why months, you ask?  Because.  Because there are hundreds of options and thousands of reviews and opinions and I had to look at them ALL to make SURE I bought the best.  Or at least the best I could afford.  And next up is the big boy car seat because he's growing out of the infant seat.  And what I really mean is that I have to make a decision because obviously I have already spent months researching it.  Obviously.


Anonymous said...

Madeline now rides around in the Graco ComfortSport Convertible - one in my car, and one in Daddy's car. It's comfy, well-rated, and she loves it. That was my pick after much agonizing research.

Although - we still have her rear-facing even though she weighs 25 lbs. I'm keeping her that way until 30 lbs, based on recent recommendations. She doesn't seem to mind, and it can't hurt... so she's still backwards. :)

She is much happier in her "big girl" seat since it's higher up and she can see out the windows now. Makes car rides MUCH more fun!

samantha jo campen said...

Your boy is ADORABLE. And dude, he's only JUST NOW outgrowing his infant car seat? Theo busted out of that at 6 months and only because we kept folding him in there since he couldn't sit up yet--I still needed him in that when we went out to eat and stuff. Congrats on going the distance!

FTIW, we have the Evenflow and love it. The fire department who installed it said it was one of the best ones they've seen. We couldn't throw down for a Britax and I'm happy with our choice. But it was a pain to make the final decision!

P.S. Thanks for stopping by my blog! How did you find me? :-)

Sara said...

Bessieviola-Thanks for your rec on the Graco. It is on my short list (which is it EVER really short?)

Samantha-Thanks for the rec on the Evenflo! The Britax has been my front runner but it's SO expensive. I just can't justify it right now. And to be honest, I've been reading your blog since Theo was born (I think I came through a comment you made on Sundry) and just hadn't delurked until your last post :) I'm terrible about that but I promise to comment more often!

PTD said...

I'm so glad that this obsessive research is normal. When I first got pregnant, before I met other online mommies, I thought I had lost my mind. Thank you for reassuring me that I'm not alone.