Friday, April 24, 2009

What up, Doc?

Little boy, let me tell you something.  Being a parent is HARD on your emotions.  They don't tell you that in prenatal classes or at the OB's office during a routine pregnancy visit.  We went for your nine month appointment today and I walked out of there close to tears.  Seems there are a couple issues that we should be concerned about.  Not in a "must fix it immediately" type of concerned but more of the "let's wait and see how it develops and then we'll address it" concerned.  I don't know which is worse though...the getting it taken care of NOW approach fits the way I think.  The wait and see approach causes me to sit in the corner and wring my hands and come home and yell at my husband over something not even remotely related.  And let me tell you, he REALLY appreciated that.  I could tell by the bulging vein in his neck and the way his face got all red.

It seems that we have two major "concerns".  The first is that he may or may not have a tendency to go cross eyed.  The doctor wasn't sure if it is an illusion caused by a wide bridge on his nose and the way his eyes are set in his head (pretty sure we can't do much about that...he's a little too young for elective plastic surgery, no?) or if he's actually a little cross eyed.  So my homework is to take pictures of him with the flash on so we can see if the reflection of the flash falls in the same place in each eye.  If it does then it's an illusion.  If it doesn't...pediatric opthamologist here we come!  And don't think I haven't noticed the cross eyed-ness here and there but I truly thought it was a side effect of me getting up in his face with my big ass camera lens. 

The second concern is that his right foot turns in quite a bit when he stands.  The doctor thinks this could be a direct result of the broken leg (yes, that was the left one) and overcompensation for weak muscles on the left leg.  I'm supposed to position his foot straight when he stands so he gets used to it in that position.  And if that doesn't help...orthopaedics, we're baaaaaccckkkk!   There was talk of a brace and x-rays and that's when I put my hands over my ears and went "LA LA LA LA LA".  

It's hard to hear that your baby, your perfect, precious baby, has potential health issues.  No parent wants to hear that, ever.  I know it could be worse and he could have any of the other bazillion of problems with long and arduous recoveries.  I am grateful that these issues are solvable.  I am grateful that he is healthy overall.  I am grateful that he smiled at me as we were leaving and touched the tear that made it's way down my cheek.   I got a good one, no matter what issues we may have.


Chrissie Sparks said...

So sorry! Nothing is easy to hear. I am glad it is nothing that cannot be fixed.

ariana said...

My heart goes out to you, I'm glad neither is a major issue, but I completely understand your feelings and I just about cried with you when you said he touched your tear.. so sad and sweet!

Anonymous said...

Ugh. That is SO tough... sending big internet hugs to you.

I'm glad the issues are relatively simple, but as a parent who went through physical therapy with her baby for "easily fixable" issues... oh, honey, I'm right there with you.

Hang in there! I'll send some extra prayers up for your little guy.

Jenna Isaacson said...

I had "special shoes" when I was little because I my feet were twisted and my sister was cross eyed and needed glasses that wrapped around her little ears so they wouldn't fall off when she was crawling! Very scary news but hopefully one day you will look back and laugh at the pictures like we do :)

Anonymous said...

Don't cry. He is perfection, clearly. I mean, he may be going solo to the prom with that wonky foot....
LOVE the photo, btw!