Thursday, April 2, 2009

Note to S on your wedding day

We're supposed to be in Mexico right now. As the last couple of posts may have indicated, we're having a tough time financially (who isn't?) so we had to make a heartbreaking decision to not attend my dearest friend's wedding in Mexico this weekend. I am not ok with this decision. I KNOW it was the right thing to do as we really couldn't afford to go, but it still hurts so much to know that I won't be there to see her marry her perfect man. She was so wonderful in that she understood when I had to break the news to her last week...she was more gracious than I would have been had I been in her shoes. This is a note to her, for when she returns:

Dearest S,

Congratulations my darling friend! You and C did it! After many years and months of planning and orchestrating, you pulled off your big day and I'm sure it was absolutely perfect. I am so so sorry that I wasn't able to be there with you, helping you celebrate, holding your train, dancing on the beach with a margarita in hand. I want you to know that we tried so very hard to be there for your day and please know that our hearts are there with you. If there were any other circumstances, I would be there.

In my mind's eye, you are a stunning bride...swathed in delicate wisps of satin and tulle, dancing to your special song with your handsome groom. Through the years I always imagined myself at your wedding standing beside you and supporting you as you opened this new chapter in your life. But this isn't about me, or where I am, but about you and C and your life together. You two are perfect complements of each other and I could never have imagined a more perfect match for you. I hope you always look into each other's eyes and see the love that you have for each other today, that love that will be there forever through good and bad. As I have come to find, life is not always kind and it's the tough times that test your love for each other, shove it to the brink, and then bring it back. Rely on that love, the memories of your wedding day and all the days that follow, to bring you through any adversity.  

One of my most cherished photos from our wedding is of C with a floral centerpiece on his head, carrying it back to the hotel.  It perfectly captures a facet of his personality--his ability to find fun and joy in any day and anything he does.  And that part of C is now a part of you.  You are both so lucky to have found each other.  I hope you two are blessed with children (soon?  please?  MORE BABIES!)  because there is no sweeter experience than having a child with the man you love.  I hope you are blessed with every happiness in the world, now and forever.  

We love you both and wish we could be there with you on your wedding day.  Know that we are thinking of you always and will visit as soon as we can.  

All our love,
S & T (& N, too)

P.S. Send pictures ASAP!

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Anonymous said...

That is a lovely letter for what sounds like a wonderful friend.

I've had to make that call before, when my baby sister graduated from Basic Training with the USAF. We couldn't afford the flight and it was heartbreaking. Hang in there.