Wednesday, July 22, 2009

And so it goes

And on the heels of his birthday I completely neglected to take him to his 12 month appointment on Tuesday. This is an Epic Fail as a parent. However, I deem it the pediatrician's office's fault as I did not get an appointment confirmation call. Or I may possibly have forgotten to write it down...but this appointment was set three whole months ago and I can't remember last Thursday.

I have piles of laundry, a houseguest (Hi, Mike!), a teething toddler (why did no one tell me that molars SUCK?) who so desperately wants to walk but just cannot get it together therefore spends his time standing up and promptly falling down, who also throws fits, complete with kicking, when it's time to leave the park for lunch, who has decided napping isn't on the day's agenda, and now I have a twitch in my left eye (AGAIN.).

My saving grace? This whole Saturday without baby or husband, spent leisurely browsing the antique market with my friend D and interspersing the day with a glass of wine. Saturday can't get here fast enough.

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Anonymous said...

Hope that your Saturday was great... man does it ever sound like you needed it! Hope things settle soon and that he's soon walking. Maddie didn't walk consistently until almost 15 mos, and WOW does it ever make a world of difference! So much of the frustration disappears.

Hang in there!