Monday, July 20, 2009

Twelve Months

Dear Noah,

Happy Birthday sweet boy! Today you turn ONE year old. You made it! WE made it! Noah, you have made this past year the absolute best year of our lives. I cannot believe how far we've from a needy newborn to an independent toddler, your father and I from an independent couple to parents with a constant need for you. You have brought us joy, laughter, and yes, even tears. And I wouldn't trade a single day with you for a day without you.

There is so much you have learned this past month. Your understanding of words and ideas has just exploded. You've taken to watching my mouth when I speak and trying to mimic the sounds to make words. Last week we went to the pool and by the time we got there, you were saying "poo" (as in pool NOT poop) and clapping your hands at the sight of the water. When out on a walk, you point to every dog we see and kick your legs excitedly every time. You can say, in no particular order: dog, ball, pool, more, milk, bottle, night-night, moo (when you see a picture of a cow). You can point out your ears and nose on demand and point to those parts on other people too. My bellybutton is the funniest thing and when I poke your belly you giggle uncontrollably. I love that.

You are such a happy boy with such an inquisitive mind. You father and I may tease about you being so busy and so smart but we secretly hope you become big geek like your Daddy. You love to press buttons and see what kind of reaction you can get. My laptop is your favorite toy but one I don't let you play with often... you also go nuts over the phone, the cell, the remote and any possible gadget that you really shouldn't be playing with. Soon you'll be figuring out how to take them all apart!

You have a smile that lights up the room. And eyes as blue as the sea. I may be a tad partial, but I think you're the most handsome boy I have ever seen. I love the dimples between your fingers where your knuckles will eventually be. I love your chubby legs even though I know that chub will soon be disappearing. I love your little ears that are so very soft. I love your long eyelashes that curl on your cheek when you're asleep. I love your sweet personality and the way you reach for me. I love listening to you quietly babble in your crib when you wake up in the morning. I love how you shake your head no when you I ask if you want something and then say no no no no no when you most likely mean yes. I love you, all of you.

I wish all the happiness in the world for you. I want you to always know love...that you are loved and how to love. May you find joy in all the little things and learn to let any disappointments in life always be a lesson and never a defeat. May you always be healthy and keep your body strong. I want you to always know that you are my baby, my first baby, and I will do anything for you. Anything.

Happy Birthday, my Noah Bagoah Bagoo. My bubba. My heart. My love.


Thank you, K, for the wonderful birthday photos! You're the best! And I apologize for the crappy editing I did to your photos. That's what happens when I STILL don't have Photoshop. Ahem, TIM.


Anonymous said...

Cutest pictures ever....that bottom one is adorable! Hope Noah had the best bday!!

Anonymous said...

OH, those photos are just beautiful! Love them, especially the one of you & Noah. So much joy!

Happy birthday (if a bit late) sweet Noah! May year 2 be even more fun!