Friday, July 17, 2009

Shall I set up an Etsy shop?*


I MADE THAT. Like, for real. To be completely honest, I bought the shirt, cut out the number and ironed it to the shirt and my friend D did the stitching (truly the hardest part), but I (we) MADE IT WITH MY OWN TWO (four) HANDS. I am just floored. Noah will be wearing this on his birthday to proudly show the world how old he is. Love it.

(*I am NOT setting up an Etsy shop because I am a) not that creative and b) not that motivated. But I can sort of use a sewing machine now and that is freaking awesome.)


Anonymous said...

I am very proud of you!!!!You are multi talented.

Anonymous said...

Cute!! Love the shirt, he's going to look adorable. :)

Doreen said...

Way to go! Now I expect to see the next shot w/ him IN it. Happy Happy Bday little Man!!