Monday, July 13, 2009

Baby wins again

I present to you, for judgment, photographic evidence of my idiocy as a new mother:

I moved this bookcase from Noah's room to our family room because he has been so interested in Books! Books! Books! lately. I figured we would be more apt to read a wider variety if they were downstairs and this was the perfect bookcase to store those books and toys. What I failed to realize is that a child height bookcase meant he could pull every single book out and throw it on the floor in a hapless pile. And throwing the books on the floor is infinitely more exciting than reading them. All this just means my clean up in ten minutes plan is failing miserably. Mama: 0, Baby: 1,638,902.

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Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh! I am cracking up, but in sympathy, trust me. We did the same thing, and have had the same problem.

One thing that I found helped was to put the books stacked in a basket on the shelf. The basket *just* fits inside the shelf, so it's hard for her to pull off & dump, so she's more selective in what she grabs. :)

Noah is so darn cute! And busy!