Saturday, July 11, 2009


I am recording the following because it is what I want, nay, NEED, to remember about my boy. In one short week he has:

1. Mastered the use of the hand signs for "more" and "all done" making meal time that much more inefficient...and why inefficient? Because he's "all done" and two seconds later he wants "more". Make up your mind kid because this is not an all-day buffet.

2. Got his very first pair of big boy shoes! Like with actual soles and not that Robeez-style suede nonsense that does NOTHING to protect his feet from wayward pebbles (but are oh so cute and hard to resist).

3. Learned how to open the cabinet doors in the kitchen (another bad behavior courtesy of Daddy!). I know, I know, we're late to that game but only because I NEVER opened the cabinets in front of him so he had NO idea they were doors! that open and close! Or maybe I never opened them because I don't cook...often.

4. Took two steps! And has not repeated since. He will walk forever behind his push toy thingamajig but refuses to balance on his own. We're working on it.

5. Can recognize and say "ball" and "dog" and "Dada". He can recognize a balloon from a mile away and have a whole body attack of sheer joy. Now, that? Is awesome.

6. Tasted whole milk and LIKED it. Again, awesome. Our days of praying to the (very expensive) formula gods are coming to an end.

He's growing too big, too fast and I love it.

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