Sunday, September 20, 2009

14 Months

Dear Noah,

This pretty much sums up what we've been working on during this last month:

Today you're 14 months old and you have finally (FINALLY!) started walking. Every day you're becoming more and more steady and comfortable with being on your feet, arms reached high in the air. I love that this toddling is brand shiny and fresh and positively adorable. From what I hear, now that you're "walking", everyday you'll become better and faster and soon you'll be running. I can hardly believe it.

Your vocabulary has exploded again this past month. Your new favorite word is "football" and only appropriate since your weekends are full of watching the games with your father on the couch. You're fantastic at screaming FOOTBALL (more like "BOOOOO-BAAAALLLLL") at the television screen, demanding that we turn it on. I'll have to make sure the DVR has at least one game on it at all times or perhaps you would enjoy a little ESPN Sportscenter?

Lately it's been high volume all the time around our house. You crawl from one room to the next screeching and babbling and yelling. But always happy and always cheerful. Except when I don't turn on "BOOOO-BAAAAAALLLLL" fast enough...I worry the windows will break with the force of your screaming. As your grandfather has noted many times, it's NEVER quiet when you're awake. And I like it that way.

You adore anything with buttons...both the kind you can press (the remote "MOOOOTTTEEEEE!") and buttons on shorts or shirts or pants. And bellybuttons. If it was appropriate I think you would be asking everyone you see if you can get a peek at their bellybuttons. Body parts fascinate you and you love to poke me in the nose ("NOS!") or mimic me sticking out my tongue. You're basically in a crazy exploring stage and can't get enough of the world, and people, around you. Every day you learn something new and so do I... I learn that I CAN love you more each and every day. Your enthusiasm for life is contagious and even days that don't start out well (thank you molars) usually turn around with a smile and a clap from you. And a "MAMA!" paired with a laugh never fails to make my day.

I love you little man. Happy 14 Months.



Hilary said...

cannot believe he is walking!

i have watched the video at least a dozen times!!

maggie said...

Happy 14 Months, Noah! Now please come over and show my daughter how you do your stuff. I don't think she's going to walk until she's thirty-seven years old.

bessie.viola said...

YAY for your walking Noah! SO exciting... and so fun!

Happy 14 months, cutie pie!