Tuesday, September 29, 2009

This is NOT a product review post, but I am in love and I thought you should know

I have two new loves in my life.  May I introduce you to the first, the Keurig, single cup coffee maker, otherwise known as Madame Cafe Au Lait:

This doll can make me one cup of coffee or tea at a time which means I can have a cup in the morning, a cup later in the day as a little pick me up, or a cup of tea before bed.  I had been making 4 cups in my big coffee pot first thing in the morning and never getting through them before the heater switched off...or ending up with a burned pot of coffee.  Madame Cafe Au Lait is a hand me down from my parents who upgraded to Madame's super special and high class older (and single) sister, Mademoiselle Cafe au Lait plus Sucre.  If I could hug my new coffee maker I would.  She's just that special to me.

My second new love is the Shark cordless handheld vacuum.

Why did I not buy a "dustbuster" before?  Was I dumb?  Missing brain cells?  Or, god forbid, CHEAP, when I owned two perfectly acceptable upright vacuum cleaners?  Whatever it was, it was stupid.  This little baby has made cleaning up after a toddler (helllllooooooo cheerios in every crevice), a husband (how do the crumbs from making his sandwiches end up in the drawers?), a very shed-y cat, and a dog who just makes a  mess by breathing SO SO SIMPLE.  He and I have only been together for two days and already my floors are less crumb-y because I can whip him out with no cords to fuss with which means no outlet protectors to battle with and eventually misplace.  He's easy and I like him that way.  And such a cute shade of green.

I honestly believe that it's these little things that make my days so much easier and more tolerable.  If I am to be in charge of this house, and this baby, day in and day out then I'll take whatever mechanical help I can get. Now, having written all this drivel, it's so obvious that I am an advertiser's dream.  If any advertisers are reading, I am available for paid product reviews.  I am not above that.  Nope, not at all.

P.S. While on the topic of products, remember my fiasco with the Little Tikes broken train set?  I sent the problem part back to them and they agreed that it was defective.  It seems to only be my set and not a whole product line problem which is good and won't warrant a recall.  And they sent a replacement train set PLUS another truck-type toy that Noah adores. GREAT WORK Little Tikes!  Thanks for the fast response and positive customer service experience.

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k said...

I LOATHE crumbs but, like you, with a toddler and a husband--they are inevitable.

I so could use a handheld sucker-upper like the Shark.