Wednesday, September 16, 2009

When you have nothing else, there are always bullet points

  • Well. I sure was the girl who cried wolf. Noah's not walking. Not really. I truly thought we had turned a corner the other day and it was going to be all systems go. But, no. He's done a couple of steps here and there but nothing where I can call up my mother and exclaim "He's walking! He's REALLY walking!" like some lunatic. Not there yet. So I'm still on pick up every little crumb off the floor duty and wash the cat hair off the hands duty. He just needs to be walking by Halloween because his dinosaur costume just won't translate if he's crawling. So we have a little over a month to get our act in gear over here. It can, and will, be done.
  • Speaking of the baby...I've discovered he likes Jazz music. Thank god for satellite radio...jazz on demand. Think he'll be sorely disappointed when we take him to Baby Loves Disco on Sunday? Or perhaps he'll break out some Studio 54 moves.
  • So we have this bar around the corner from us that caters to a rather interesting crowd...the type of patrons who may be missing teeth, enjoy being unemployed and happy to hit up the local watering hole at 8 am on a Tuesday. From the outside it's hard to tell exactly what goes on in there (no, nothing lewd) but when I see a handful of old men drunk out of their gourds sitting out front smoking their cigarettes I can safely guess it's not the kind of bar Tim and I would frequent. Long story short, the other weekend we saw two of these men carrying a third between them at 10 am on a Sunday, the third man couldn't hold his head up nor walk, and all I could think was that I am SO PROUD to know that my tax dollars are being spent keeping these unemployed men drunk at that bar. It's really all about supporting welfare and the neighborhood establishments, right?
  • Tim told me last night that he's going to try not to work this weekend and was it so wrong that I wanted to jump up and down and squeeze him? We haven't had a weekend without Tim working in FOREVER. I am inordinately excited and yet I have no idea what we should do to fill all that family time. Suggestions?
  • I've got nothing else. I would be surprised if you're still reading this.

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