Monday, August 29, 2011

32 days, ice cream cones, and snip snip

I had a bit of a nervous breakdown this morning when I realized we are 32 days/4 weeks/ONE MONTH from having this baby. Oh dear. In Sara time, that's like TOMORROW. I apologize if every post for the next month is composed of "!!!!!!!" and "?????" and "Where is the ice cream?"

Speaking of ice cream, I am very much in love with the Nestle Drumsticks with the Caramel Center. Why don't they ALL have caramel centers? Whereas Noah was made up of gooey cinnamon rolls and apple pancakes, this baby will be composed of vanilla/caramel/chocolate ice cream cones dipped in peanuts and Chipotle chicken tacos (extra sour cream).

We spent the weekend steam rolling ahead on our "Pre-Baby To Do List". The nursery is allllllmoooosssst done which delights me to no end. I can't wait to share pictures with you's my happy place right now and I spend an inordinate amount of time sitting in the rocking chair looking around. I also patted myself on the back when Tim located the bin with the "baby accessories" i.e. the infant head support, bundle me blanket, swaddlers, nursing cover, etc. The back pat wasn't because he found it but because I was actually smart enough to box it all up TOGETHER. I believe that was in my pre-work out of the house days when my brain was slightly more functional and I had my act together. I totally deserved the back pat and self-congratulations.

And in the vein of oversharing (because it is what I do), it looks like Baby Girl Smith is going to be the last coming out of this factory. Mr. Smith has decided to shut down operations permanently following her birth. This is obviously a personal decision we made together (he slightly more FIRM on the matter than I, his beloved bride ten years his junior) but a small part of me is sad that the possibility of one more is off the table. I know he's right though: two kids is his limit. Two kids feels right for us. And last time I checked having another baby when one spouse wants one and the other does not is not exactly good for the marriage. All I know is that he better wait until I have fully recovered from birthing this baby because I WILL NOT listen to him complain about the "pain" or being "uncomfortable". I might toss a bag of frozen peas his way and tell him to buck up.

How was your weekend?


k said...

Ohhhhh, the snips. Tell him to buck up--he'll be cool.

Also, Drumsticks freaking rock steady all night long. LOVE.THEM.

Hillary said...

My very squeamish husband survived the snip-snip. He found the frozen mixed vegetables comforting.

Michelle said...

I'm impressed you have the nursery almost done at this point. Ours wasn't really finished until, um, about month after Gizmo was born. Mother of the year right here.

The snip decision. It's so hard to know, yes, this it. We decided to stick with two and while I know it is right, sometimes I still think ... well, maybe...

Nilsa @ SoMi Speaks said...

Technically, you could continue having kids even after the snip-snip ... it just might not involve Tim. =)