Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Tricky is right

Noah walks into his classroom last Friday morning, takes one look at his little buddy M, and declares to his teacher:

"Miss E, that M...he's one tricky fellow."

And then walks off to play.

I mean, where does he come up with this stuff? Last night he told me he was going to play in the sand on Mars. I asked him what color the sand was and he promptly replied "The sand on Mars is red!" and I fell out of my chair in disbelief. My genius son! How smart! It was only later that I found out from Tim that he learned that courtesy of a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse episode about space travel. Thank you, Disney.


The ladies in my family threw me a baby girl shower over the weekend and it was just lovely. There was fabulous company and food, I got to spend time with cousins who don't live nearly close enough, and of course there were the gifts. Oodles of pink and girly-type items have made their way into my home and I am tickled about it.

This baby girl is going to be decked out in all manner of feminine finery. Thank you, ladies!


Speaking of Baby Girl, she has a name! I think. What I mean is Tim and I have come to a compromise on her name and we've tentatively shared it with some people to get a reaction. So far, so good. I still don't know exactly why this baby naming thing has been so tough for me (us). Although the name we've chosen wasn't at the top of my list, and to be completely honest, not on my list at all until Tim and my mother brought it up, it's one that we both like well enough and don't have any previous associations with (totally my issues). It's relatively well-known and recognizable, in the Top 15 (ugh, but whatever, so is Noah...we're not going to win any awards for originality), classic and timeless enough to satisfy me, and works with our last name. On paper, this name meets all my criteria which is how it got moved to the tippy top of the list.

I still plan to come to the hospital with a back-up just in case she comes out and I'm like "OH NO, SHE IS SO NOT A _______________." At that point I will have just given birth so I get all veto power. Obviously.


I have had heart attack after heart attack talking to daycares lately about tuition rates and availability for an infant spot come January.

Problem A: Putting Baby Girl in daycare and keeping Noah at his current preschool full-time will cost us multiple THOUSANDS of dollars a month--as in more money than I bring home. I firmly believe that you get what you pay for when it comes to childcare so I understand WHY it costs so much (and we live in an urban city vs. the suburbs and that affects costs) but it still makes me wring my hands daily. I enjoy working and I really like earning a paycheck but it's hard when you know that paycheck (after taxes and insurance premiums) doesn't cover the costs of two kids in daycare. At that point I'm working because I like my job and not because it's making a financial difference for our family. In fact, we're LOSING money. (I know I have addressed this before but it's playing on a loop in my head and this blog is my therapy as has already been determined.)

Problem B: The waitlists are outrageous. Some are YEARS long. So when I mention January 2012 for a start date I just hear silence followed by a cheerful "We'll add you to the waitlist!" Underlying message: don't hold your breath, lady.

Problem C: Babies are super cuddly and snuggly and maybe I should just stay home forever and ever and kiss her cheeks all day. Wait, this is not a problem...perhaps a solution. No?

If you know any fabulous grandmotherly types in the Chicagoland area who would like to come to our house and watch one tricky fellow and his tiny sister come January, please send them my way.


How is it only Wednesday? How? Do we all agree it should be Saturday by now?


samantha said...


But I understand if you're still keeping it a bit under wraps. But dude. DYYYYYING.

Annabellespeaks said...

If I win the lottery, I would SO love to come over and take care of your tricky fellow and his wee baby sister every day. Unfortunately I don't actually ever buy lottery tickets, so that is somewhat unlikely to happen. Alas.

Nilsa @ SoMi Speaks said...

Based on the rocking party we had last night, it sure felt like it could've been a Friday ... so, yeah, today most definitely should be Saturday!!!! =)

k said...

I want to know her name toooooo!

But will wait if I have to.

Childcare arrangements can suck balls. Expensive and fraught with trusting the unknown--it is indeed tricky.

Jessica said...

Multiple thousands? Yikes! I'm suddenly very grateful I don't live in Chicago! Although I'd kind of like an excuse to quit my job and stay at home. But it is financially better for us if I don't and I do like my job.

The baby name we have picked for our next girl (if we have one) keeps climbing the charts...I think it's in the Top 10 now. I wish everyone else didn't like it quite so much.

Hillary said...

On proverbial pins and needles waiting for the name.

Two things sure to send me in a feminist-fueled tizzy: maternity leave and daycare. I feel like if women all stood together and revolted maybe something would get fixed ...

Erica said...

I know the childcare expense muck. We have it here too. Ugh.

Michelle said...

Must. Know. Name.

I love names. I would have a thousand babies just to name them. I wish there was a job where I could just name babies.

What Spoiled My Eggs? said...

Congrats on your new little one!! My good friend who reads your blog sent me over here and I'm so glad she did! My husband, son, and I just moved to the city and I'd love to chat with you about childcare if you're interested and still in the market! Please feel free to e-mail me. My name is Ashlee. :)

bessie.viola said...

The "multiple thousands" made me pass out at my desk. Insane. Is there a work from home/part time situation that you could broach with work? It's SO "tricky" (to borrow Noah's adorable turn of phrase) to find the right balance of self/work/family but SO worth it. (I'm guessing. I'm still working on it some days. hee)

I CANNOT WAIT to know this sweet little girl's name. SO excited!! (I think I end EVERY comment to you that way these days. Sorry.)