Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Noah-isms or how my kid guilts me daily

Example 1:

Every morning when I go in his room to get him up:
"Mommy, is it a whole together day?" (Translation: Do we get to spend the whole day together? i.e. Saturday or Sunday)
"No, bud, it's a school day and you're going to have so much fun in the Yellow Room!"
"No, I'm not. I would have more fun staying home with you."

Example 2:

When playing in his grandparents' suburban backyard:
"Mommy, can I have a big backyard with lots of grass and trees and a swimming pool and sprinkler to run in?" (Reminder: we live in the city, not the suburbs, and don't have a spot of grass in our tiny postage stamp yard.)
"Someday, buddy, someday."

Example 3:

When discussing names for his baby sister:
"Mommy, we don't need a new baby sister. We have each other!"

Example 4:

When I arrive at school to pick him up:
"Mommy! That is a BEAUTIFUL dress! You look so pretty today! Can I have ice cream when we get home?"

He's the master of guilt and manipulation otherwise known as your average three year old. Tell me, does it end or do they just get BETTER at it?


pseudostoops said...

In case I hadn't mentioned it before, I freaking love your kid. (Um, except for the guilt-tripping. But he is just so delightful!)

Bring him to our postage stamp yard to play! Maybe a different stamp will be a fun change of pace?

Erica said...

Beautiful dress! Can I have some ice cream? How does one so young even learn something like that? So hilarious!!!

k said...

I want to hug him. How precious is he, Sara?

bessie.viola said...

Oh my gosh, he is so darn cute. And SMART.

I think that they just get better at it - Maddie's latest is "Mumma, will you play with me? Please just play with me for JUST A MINUTE. Don't you have time for ONE MINUTE?"

This series of questions ONLY comes when I am rushing to leave. It's probably not a coincidence, yet still - the guilt. They've got us pegged.

samantha said...

A whole together day? OMG I DIE.

That kid of yours is just fantastic.