Monday, February 4, 2008

I hate being tickled

Is it a kick, or is it gas? Someone please tell me. I'm so tired of hearing "its like a butterfly tickling your insides" or "like little popcorn popping". Please, people. Give me something more concrete. I don't know what a tickling butterfly feels like nor would I be able to distinguish that sensation. I can hear popcorn popping, we all know what that sounds like. But I don't know what that feels like. I suppose I could go buy some of that pre-packaged popcorn that you put over the fire and give it a whirl. Though that seems slightly dangerous, yes? And I don't want to hear "you'll know when you feel it". No, most likely I will dismiss it as gas because that is exactly what this little bugger has been causing for three days straight. I can't blame Tim for the smell in our room anymore. *Sigh*

Happy news...we just found out some good friends of ours are expecting their second little bambino...woohoo!!! We are so excited to hear this news and wish them all the best. Maybe I will be asking her what I should expect in the feeling it kick dilemma I seem to be facing. She'll give it to me straight. In the meantime, I will be studiously monitoring my abdominal activity...just for you.


3 posts in one day? Could you BE any luckier?

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