Friday, February 29, 2008

Drumroll please...

It's a BOY!!!

The very first shot we saw of the baby was of his butt and we know we don't have a modest one on our hands. We have a video of the ultrasound, but I need my in-house tech pro to take a look at it before blogger will post it. Stay tuned for our on-camera reaction to the good news.

P.S. We are absolutely thrilled about having a boy and can't wait to tell you all the name once we have it 100% decided. Some of you know the contender name, so shhhhhhh for a little while longer.


Christine said...

AH! I've been checking all day to find out...haha...CONGRATS!Although I hate to be wrong...I'm very excited for you! :) :)

Jenny said...

Congrats Sara - Looks like I checked the blog on the perfect day.