Monday, February 11, 2008

Two things

Thing the first:

I want to wish my baby sister, Hilary, the happiest 18th birthday. I missed posting it here (her big day was the 7th), but I didn't miss it in person! She's a beautiful young woman, and she astounds me with her presence. She's off to college in the fall, and I couldn't be more proud of her and all she has accomplished.

Also, as I am a slacker, I missed posting my little brother's birthday (right?) He turned 21 on Jan. 15th, and I hate to inform you all, but he had his first drink many moons ago so this day was not anointed with any extra-special imbibing. Chris is away at college so I'm sure his frat buddies showed him a good time. He's a fantastic little brother, and he'll always be my little "bubby". May he graduate college sometime this decade (time is a-tickin' my friend) and pursue all his dreams. Happy Birthday to my sweet siblings.

Thing the second:

The baby has an in-utero nickname. Meet Squishy. Can you believe how original we are? It truly blows me away. I liked Niblet, but that made Tim think of the Green Giant Corn Niblets which then made me think about my friend Jenny who always ate those out of the can in college which led to remembering things college-related which equals things that my baby does not need to know about. In my convoluted brain, Niblet=debaucherous activity. So Squishy it is.


Danielle said...

Funny..I think today is actually Jenny's birthday. Also, I was going through my pictures and I set aside quite a few college shots to show Squishy about her momma's "good ole days."

Anonymous said...

Remember the old saying "Paybacks are hell"... Even this Great ole Auntie has some tales of debauchery for Squishy...if the need arises :-)
Sara, you look wonderful! Tell Tim I miss him. Doreen