Thursday, February 28, 2008

Tick, tock, tick, tock...

Check back here tomorrow afternoon for THE announcement of the year! What? This isn't the most important event taking place in your life this year? Well, thanks a lot, you just broke my heart. Last chance though to vote for boy or girl!

We met with our future pediatrician this afternoon. He's a lovely man, and we like him all that much more because he takes Tim's cheapo insurance. (I mean, who doesn't have Blue Cross these days, sheesh.) (insert sarcasm because I am on partially unemployed sucky person government mandated Cobra insurance.) (awesome.) Anyhow, insurance aside, he was a really nice guy, and I felt immediately comfortable with him. I know I can come to him when my nipples are bleeding and raw from feeding the kid, and he won't blink an eye. But he did say one thing that kind of set me on edge. He told me to...relax. To stop reading books and websites and "paint the nursery" or "some other calming activity." ?????????? Relax? Someone tell me what this curious activity called relaxing is all about because I am not familiar.

Ok, my brain is one tracked at the moment and I am not funny nor entertaining. I will end this before you have to suffer anymore. See you on the flip side.

(Edited to add: Tim's response to me "relaxing" is to go to yoga. Curious, since he was the one who gave me the big budget lecture and yoga was one of the things to go. )

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