Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Week 19

Dear Squishy,

You are such a good listener! Mama is so proud of you already--you started kicking me right in my belly, and I didn't even have to ask that many times. We went to the doctor on Monday, and she said you have a good, strong heartbeat. She also asked if I had felt you kick yet, and as of Monday, I wasn't so sure if what I was feeling were kicks. Now, you are definitely kicking and making your presence known. So, good job Squishy!

Our dilemma these days is what to name you if you turn out to be a girl at next week's ultrasound. I've got your nursery all figured out for a girl, but the name thing is just causing me major headaches. Every name seems to be attached to a person I know, knew, or have heard of. I am kind of kicking myself that we used such a good name on our dog. I bet you would be such a cute Lily, if you're a girl. If you're a boy, your name is pretty much set in stone, and I am only lost on how to decorate a boy's room. Ok, so you pretty much won't care at all. As long as there is a place to sleep and eat, you'll be set.

This week your brain is working overtime to create connections and designating special areas for taste, smell, touch, hearing and vision. You weigh 8 ounces and measure about 6 inches from crown to rump (today's vegetable is an heirloom tomato...very specific). And the best part! Your hair is starting to come in on your head. Will you have dark hair like me, or lighter hair like your father? Oh wait...he only had lighter hair when he had...highlights. The horror! Don't worry, we made sure to get rid of those a long time ago. Just so you wouldn't be embarrassed.

We're also starting to pick out a pediatrician for you. Who knew this was such an involved process? But we want to make sure we find a doctor who will take the best care of you and also of me. Goodness knows I'll be calling over every little thing. I'm a first time parent--it's my right.

But seriously, can you believe we're going to see you again next week??? I have been looking forward to it since we started this journey (ack, I just used the word journey, hello cliche). I think you'll seem much more real to us after we get another glimpse at you and how you've grown. And then to be able to give you a name. I can't wait to see you again next Friday little one!


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