Thursday, March 27, 2008

Because you so want an update about nothing

These past couple of days I have been feeling pretty low about the whole placenta thing (and NO that was not an intended pun...but it is kind of funny). I still don't know what I am going to do about work, but boy, do you people know how to convince me that laying on the couch all day, every day is the most stellar idea in the universe. So, it is still up for much consideration. I've been taking it easy and keeping my feet up even as I sit here in my cubicle at work typing this very missive. I'm hoping to discuss my work options next Tuesday with my boss since he so rudely left today before I could waddle myself into his office and announce my plans.

Also, I have been feeling my belly tighten up at times and this makes it oh so uncomfortable to sit still. Kind of like when you run a mile after not running a mile for years and your side stitches up? Yep, like that but in front and all across the belly. I had myself convinced that the boy was just pushing hard all over at one time, but then I had another one today and thought, hey! This could be what those crazy folks were talking about: Braxton-Hicks contractions! Holy mother of god. These B-H contractions are NOT from the imagination of the web masters. Every site I visit looking for information about the B-H contractions describes them differently, but the gist is that they're relatively painless (true) and your belly tightens all the way across, like your muscles are tensing (true), and that is essentially your uterus contracting. Supposedly this is practice for labor. Without the pain of labor. Thank god. Could you even imagine how awful that would be?

Oh and I need to stop reading blogs about pre-term babies who weigh two pounds at birth and are in the NICU for months and there is no guarantee that they will live, etc. Those stories, though sad and hopeful at the same time, do not stop a hormonal, crazy pregnant woman from thinking terrible thoughts. I dig my own hole, yes?

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Anonymous said...

I vote you quit :)....I'll keep you company - we can watch lots of tv, read gossip mags/websites and eat cupcakes!! Sounds pretty irresistable to me! :)