Friday, March 21, 2008

Why am I so awkward?

I'm about to make my first mommy friend, and I am just so petrified. Its like high school all over again and I'm the new girl on the block with the not as pretty hair. Let me explain. I have a few new-ish friends who are mothers, but I met them all prior to the births of their babies. And the majority of my other girlfriends are not on the baby train yet (though I encourage the ones who are close to just get the hell on already! Babies! Munchable thighs and monkey toes!) Now, my neighbor (we shall call her A) and I have plans to get together this afternoon and "chat". This is the same neighbor with the most adorable 7 week old little boy that I may have threatened to steal and devour because he is just so edible. But I don't know how to "chat"! I'm weird! And awkward! Most of you know that already!

A invited me to take a walk with her and the baby today, but a March snowstorm this morning meant no walk. Instead, she may come over here with the baby or I'll go over to her house. But! What if I am awkward and ask too many questions, or my allergies start to act up which make my eyes tear for no reason and look like I am about to cry when really all she said was how her baby loves to look at himself in the mirror? Or what if she comes over here and wants coffee? I don't have any coffee! And there is no time to go get some. I am never prepared for guests! You would think with the amount of time I spend puttering around my house that I could get it together and have guest-welcoming staples on hand. Oh no, that would make too much sense.

What I am really concerned about is whether or not she will like me. I feel that I am a generally likable person, but there is always that chance that we won't mesh. But I would really love to have a neighbor that I get along with and can hold my hand through newborn land. I know, I just need to be myself, and if she doesn't like me then oh well. But, do you think some brownies might swing her favor a bit? Or cookies? Too bad I'm not drinking right now, I am so much better at this when wine is involved.

Edited to add: So we're totally friends and had a great conversation. But I had to eat the baby because he was so cute. He tasted like chocolate.

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