Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Blah blah, nursery, blah blah

So, that last post was quite a change from my witty, sarcastic banter, eh? Today is a much better day, and thank you to everyone who emailed me with positive thoughts. I have taken the doctor's advice and begun thinking about decorating the nursery. My much-adled brain is enjoying this peaceful departure from the norm. Feel free to jump ship now if you don't want to talk nursery decor. Go on, I won't be sad. Really.

For a while now, I have been set on a simple color scheme of aqua and chocolate brown, in some fashion. Obviously, if the boy had been a girl, I would have changed that up, but I was going on the assumption that my instincts were correct and a boy was on his way. I did some shopping and came up with a few lovely options for bedding, both handmade via Etsy and mass-produced via Target. Then I thought, hey! I should ask Tim because even if he doesn't care one iota about the decor, at least I can say I asked and cared to listen. Tim was shockingly indifferent to the choices I put in front of him. I mean, he looked at the picture for a millisecond and shrugged. Fine, that means I get to decide and we all know that was the desired outcome.

Then, yesterday, I decided to hit up some brick and mortar stores so I could get a feel (literally) for the quality of crib bedding. I went to Land of Nod and was sort of "eh" about the baby boy bedding they carried. Most were primary colors which is clearly NOT aqua and chocolate. So, then I wandered over to Pottery Barn Baby. I had sworn to myself that I would not be suckered into PB again. But it wasn't going to hurt to look, right? So, I looked at my choices at PB and began to re-think the color scheme. Is it too trendy? Is it too girly? Will my son look back at pictures and think that I wished he was a girl because I wanted his room to be slightly feminine?

So this is what I came up with. Courtesy of PB Baby.

I showed this to Tim and his immediate reaction was "Thank god. I really hated the idea of aqua and chocolate. Way too girly. This is manly, for my little man." Well la-di-freaking-dah, the truth comes out! But he has a point, and I am more than happy to compromise. Overall, I like this color scheme, it's simple and not themed, which were two of my requirements for the nursery. I think we're going to do the walls a very pale yellow with white picture molding. Within the picture molding we'll paint a pale blue. Very east coast prep/traditional, don't you think? I think its going to be just lovely.

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Tess said...

I love the decor--you might regret the brown/aqua, but you won't regret this and your next bambino-- boy or girl, will love it. love the yellow walls, too.

it is so natural to feel overwhelmed at this point!!! you will be an amazing mother and he will know he is so lucky to have you!