Sunday, March 16, 2008

Week 22/Belly Pic

Dear Baby Boy,

How active you have been these last couple of weeks! You have been movin' and groovin' and having yourself a good time in there. Though your 4 am acrobatics are not necessarily welcome...please try to keep the noise level to a dull roar until at least 7 am thankyouverymuch. Two weeks ago we found out you are a itty bitty BOY, and we couldn't be happier. You looked absolutely perfect on the ultrasound. We got to see your big genius brain, we counted your fingers and toes and each little vertabrae in your spine. Your organs look to be in the right places and doing the right things. Unfortunately, your back was to the ultrasound tech so we had to wait a week to see your heart, but once we did she assured us you still looked perfect and in good health. I am proud of myself for growing such a big, strong boy!

We're just starting to put together your nursery. The big dilemma is which room to put you in, the bigger front room or the smaller side room. The front room is painted a soft aqua which goes against the bedding I had chosen for you...but bedding is easily changed right? However, and as you'll learn, your mama does not like change. Or do we put you in the small side room and *hope* the furniture fits? And you know what? I bet you don't really care :) As long as you have a safe, cozy place to sleep and play.

And guess what? Yesterday, your mama became a detective and found out that our lovely neighbors have just brought home their baby boy. I visited them and oohed and ahhed over little Nicholas who is just entirely precious and edible. Of course, you will be cuter, but he's quite the doll. How fun it will be to have a little friend so close to home. His mommy and daddy are such nice people too...we're looking forward to getting to know them. When I was little, my mom and dad (your grandma and grandpa) had many friends in our neighborhood, and I remember them sitting on the decks at each others' houses in the summertime, sipping cold glasses of what I thought was juice but soon found out was boxed wine and beer (classy!), and simply enjoying their company while us kids played. It was borderline idyllic, and I truly hope to create memories like that for you...yes, including the wine and beer, for mom and dad, not you.

I do want you to know that you have a name now, but I haven't yet felt comfortable opening it up to the big world wide web. Most of your family and friends know your name, and it has met with almost unanimous approval. Your grandpa says "I don't know if I like it", but that's just because he likes to give me a hard time and act curmudgeonly every once in a while. Its a good name, a strong name, and we've continued to honor your dad's side with your middle name. I think you will be proud to have your name.

For now, my little man, I am enjoying every second we spend together. We are having so much fun, and I love our little "chats". You are a superb listener, and I truly appreciate your ability to not talk back. Yet. If all goes according to plan, we have 17 weeks left together, you and I, as one. I plan to treasure this time, as I know it will fly by and you will be in my arms before I can blink. At this very moment, I love you more than I did yesterday, and not nearly as much as I will tomorrow.



Mom said...

I love you so much and I just know that you will be an awesome mother


Katherine said...

Whoa! I just had to comment!! I was on "Becoming Mom"'s blog this morning and left a comment just below yours, so I decided to click on your name...and well, we have something cool in common! I just took a belly pic in that exact same dress from Target! See if you can see it on my myspace default.

Nice to meet you! I'm Katherine from Los Angeles, CA. Due in August.

Sara said...

Katherine, thanks for stopping by! I checked out your pic on myspace, and you look great! Don't you love buying non-maternity and making it work? Congrats on your August baby!!!