Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Oh so busy

I have plans today. Big plans. Plans that include going to the dog park, the grocery store, and the piece de resistance...baking banana bread pudding. I know that sounds pretty gross, but how can it not be good? I like banana bread and I like bread pudding. So why not put the two together. The recipe is courtesy of this funny lady and I am just jumping up and down with excitement over making it. Then, after that, I am going to attempt to figure out how to make custom window shades for the nursery, and then I will weed out my garden and plan the landscape using graph paper and common household objects as tracing tools. Then I will reorganize my linen closet complete with custom printed labels for sheets, towels, rags, etc. on pretty scrapbook paper...which will lead me to the scrapbook I am putting together for the boy with cutouts of bunnies and stars.

Oh wait. I just remembered I am NOT Martha Stewart. Let's revise the day in a more Sara friendly way shall we? I am going to think about making banana bread pudding for a few hours and contemplate just how badly I want it versus the time it will take to make. The dog park and grocery store will probably stay if I can convince Tim to come with so I don't have to a) carry the grocery bags (against my doctor's orders!) and b) throw the damn ball to the dog who does not retrieve well. I did think about custom window shades until I realized that I do not own a sewing machine, nor do I have any clue how to sew properly, and that our crib bedding set came with a valance for the window. Commence slapping of forehead repeatedly with palm of hand. I would weed out the garden except I have no idea what is a weed and what is a flowering plant that someone put there on purpose. I could do a drawing of a potential landscape but that would mean digging out my long lost graphing paper and stencils...sounds suspisciously like work. And I don't have a true linen closet to reorganize. Though I will have to get to that somewhat soon because the baby is going to need a closet of his own. And scrapbooking? We're lucky if pictures even get printed off our hard drive let alone transferred from the camera to the hard drive.

Lest you think me lazy by nature, let's just say that this modified bed rest has caused my brain and muscles to atrophy to the point, what's the point? Once this baby shows up, there will be no more rest and relaxation so until then I will be taking full advantage of my couch. You can find me there Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays from 8 am to 5 pm. I can be contacted at (That is not a real email, FYI, OMG, BTW.)


Danielle said...

Oh, come know Doreen and I have the curtians under control...

Tessie said...

Well, am I behind or WHAT? Also, banana bread pudding does NOT sound gross! Okay, maybe a little.

Also, you called me a "lady". Hee!