Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Week 28

My darling boy,

We've been together now 6 whole months. Happy Half Year Anniversary! You are growing so big and strong now and really packing on the weight (oh yeah, me too). You're now a little over 2 pounds and about 13 inches long from head to toe. For comparison sake, you're about the size of a 2 liter bottle of soda. And you love to sit on my bladder and poke at it, which is NOT the size of a 2 liter bottle of soda thankyouverymuch. With the exception of this past weekend, you are a kicking and punching machine. Your daddy and I have nicknamed you Rocky Balboa, Jr. We love to sit and watch you make my belly jump and jiggle. Your daddy also likes to tap out morse code and see if you're smart enough yet to respond. Little does he know that we have study sessions everyday and you're not only fluent in morse code but also in French, Italian, and Japanese.

I'm so anxious to meet you! I wonder what you look like, whether you have your dad's cleft chin and adorable dimples. Or maybe you have my ears and blue eyes. I wonder about the little personality you're developing...we know you're stubborn already, but hopefully you're also a kind soul. I can't wait to hear your voice, beginning with that first cry after birth. I know that weeks later I will wish your vocal cords to freeze for a while until you are, oh, let's say, 25, but in the meantime all I want is to hear you ask for me in your own voice.

I'm beginning to watch mothers with their children and trying to understand the delicate and fine-tuned language they have with each other. I wonder what our language will be. I've heard that the times in the middle of the night, when the rest of the world is sleeping, are the best and most precious times we will have together. We'll cuddle together in the dark, quiet house and get to know each other. And so soon you will grow up and those times will become fewer and farther between.

Please know that you are an extension of my heart and my soul. I weep at the thought of anything happening to you, and yet I don't know you. Never did I think I would understand this feeling, but I do. I only know that it will multiply in infinite ways when we finally meet. Only a few more months to go my boy.


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