Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Week 25 Belly Pic

Not five minutes before this photo was taken I was inhaling buffalo chicken wings. I love my husband for giving into my cravings and making last minute grocery runs without ever complaining. Ten points for Tim!

Also, just because the butt looks flat does not mean I am not gaining mad amounts of weight. Photos are deceiving, no?

Remember how just a few days ago I was hemming and hawing over what to do with the job situation in conjunction with the recommended "rest and relaxation" from the doctor? Yeah, still not resolved. But tomorrow! Tomorrow is a new day. Tomorrow I vow to walk into my boss's office and sit down and actually spit the words out. I consulted my wise guru (ok, fine, my mother) and I think we worked out what my issue is with quitting. I have not been unemployed for the past ten years (college semesters excepted), and now I am facing total unemployment and lack of involvement with a group/team/whathaveyou. I don't particularly enjoy my job for multiple reasons, but I also don't hate it at all. For me, its a job, not a career. And I've been ok with that. I think my issue with leaving is more about my pride in my work and the fact that I do my job very well. I like being good at something and I am at my job, regardless of whether I get any fulfillment out of it.

I'm not concerned about being bored or not having anything to do (hello, this is why they made the blogosphere) with my days. Soon enough it will be warmer outside and I can do light gardening. Maybe perfect some recipes. Perhaps put on a dress and an apron and call myself Donna Reed. It will be nice to have this luxury of free time before the boy comes and there is no such thing as free time. And I bet when I go back and re-read this post after he is here I will laugh at myself or possibly cry with embarrassment.

So this is all to say that although I am confused about what my feelings are about quitting the job, its going to happen. And its going to happen tomorrow. Wish me luck.

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