Friday, January 2, 2009

Much improved

Wow.  So this blog has turned into the all baby, all the time channel.  For some (ahem, MOM), this is perfectly acceptable as it gives them plenty of Noah sightings.  For others, I suppose this could be considered fact, I am slightly bored with myself.  And it's only the second day of the year!  I am not starting off on the right foot here.  Let me tell you how I made our house a happier place.

For a long while Tim has been working from home.  More specifically he has been working from a desk he put in our family room/kitchen space, also known as MY office.  At first, this arrangement was great.  He could spend time with Noah whenever he wanted, easy access to the fridge, me at his beck and call (HA!  SO FUNNY).  We both thought "Hmm, this is a BRILLIANT idea, why didn't we think of this before?"  Well.  Last week I think we just about killed each other after one too many afternoons of me pawning the baby off on him so I could get stuff done around the house.  For some reason, I was having a really hard time equating his being at his computer with working aka an invisible do not disturb sign hanging from his neck.  I mean, he was sitting RIGHT THERE DOING NOTHING AND JUST HOLD THE DAMN BABY FOR FIVE MINUTES SO I CAN PEE.  Oh my, that didn't go over so well.  Especially the doing nothing part.  Yikes.

So I moved him.  Back to the basement.  Lest you think I am a cold-hearted wench, the basement is finished and pretty cozy.  He is not working amongst dripping pipes and cracked concrete walls.  I cannot even tell you the difference in my attitude now.  Because he is downstairs, and when he works he is completely focused, Noah and I rarely see him before 5 pm.  I have my house back mostly to myself, and I can bang around as much as I want without disturbing him.  It seems that I have also stopped trying to do so much and now I find I take the time to just sit on the floor and roll around with Noah.  I'm not sure how these things are all connected but it seems that they are.  The first day after I kicked Tim back downstairs, I missed him.  The next day I was rejoicing.  Don't get me wrong, I adore my husband, I think he's the best thing in the world, but we were at the point where one of us was going to be getting the life insurance policy paid out soon ifyouknowwhatimean.

So things are cool again in our household.  Patience and kindness has been restored.  And I don't get questioned about the amount of time I spend reading blogs anymore.  

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