Thursday, January 29, 2009

What's in a name?

A few weeks ago we realized that Noah was not responding to his name but rather to Tim's nickname for him: Bubba. I would say his name, Noah, and nothing. No head turn, no acknowledgment, nada. But when one of us would say Bubba, he would look up and smile. Now, Bubba is an adorable nickname, or even a great name for a boat, say a shrimping boat down in Alabama with the surname Gump, but not a good name for our baby to go by. There would be no way to escape teasing once he hit first grade as a Bubba.

So the nickname was outlawed. And Noah would only be called Noah. At least until he figured out that was his actual name. It's taken some practice and many days, but I think we have finally got it all straightened out. Except he also now responds to punk...weird.

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Anonymous said...

My nephew was also called Bubba by the family, which quickly caught on at my wedding, where my whole wedding party was calling after Bubba, the 3 year old ringbearer. Once he hit 1st grade or so, he got angry and started correcting us. 'My name is not Bubba'. It still escapes my lips occasionally but I understand why he (and you) feel the need to avoid spending the rest of his life with such a name. Awww, so cute.