Monday, January 19, 2009

Six Months

Dear Noah,

I am just shocked, shocked!, that you're already six months old.  A whole half of a year has flown by us in a blur.   I am starting to forget small moments from your first few weeks and am grasping at all the memories that I have, trying to store them forever in the depths of my brain.  You're growing so fast that I can hardly keep up!  And I don't want to forget anything, not a single moment we have.  

This past month has been a whirlwind of milestones and laughter.  You've mastered rolling over, BOTH ways, and you're sitting up all by yourself!   You adore grabbing at your toes and trying as hard as you can to get them in your mouth.  Anything that's not nailed down is fair game when it comes to grabbing and putting in your mouth.  Your daddy even gave you a spare remote control (batteries removed of course) for you to slobber all over since you seemed intent on grabbing the one that does work and making it yours.  Our house is swimming in drool due to your teething...those two bottom teeth are sharp little suckers and when Mommy says not to bite, she means it.  

You love to pound your hands on the kitchen table and make as much noise as you can.  I know it's only a matter of time before you realize you're the one making the noise and then this house will no longer be quiet.  And I can't wait.  Watching you concentrate on a toy and try to figure out how to grasp it or throw it or push it over is amazing.  It's almost as if I can see your brain working and growing.  Your laughter is contagious and you adore Pop! Goes the Weasel and any game of peekaboo.   It's true what they say: I'll do anything to make you laugh, just so I can hear that laugh and savor it over and over.  

When you wake from your naps you roll over and grab your toes and I love to watch you wake up on the monitor.  Your coos and giggles alert me to come get rarely wake up crying.  And then the big smile I get when you see me, it's addictive.  This isn't all to say it's good times at our house all the time.  No, we definitely have our bad days but they're few and far between and your laughs can snap me out of any funk.  You especially dislike it when your daddy and I "discuss" things and tend to chime in with your own, very loud, opinion.  That sure brings on a case of the smiles all around and quickly makes us forget what we were "discussing".  

I want you to stay this small forever.  I want you to keep growing and discovering.  It's a battle everyday within myself.  I know you're going to keep growing and learning and I am so lucky that I get to be right there with you.  You amaze me everyday.  


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