Thursday, January 10, 2008

Babies invading my sleep already

I finally had a dream about the baby! I feel like I have reached a milestone here, people! From the books to the blogs about babies that I have been reading, every single source says that baby dreams are extremely common. For a while there I was wondering when it was going to be my turn. Well, last night, my time came. It was a sweet dream, truly, and almost a tad bit too picture perfect. I gave birth (after only 7 hours, go me!) to a baby GIRL. Which totally goes against my gut feeling and made me feel a little bad for already telling my supposed son he's a sissy.

Anyhow, she came out perfect and beautiful, and she started nursing right away. IN FRONT OF MY ENTIRE EXTENDED FAMILY. Now, why they were all in the room, I have no idea, but I think my brother might have thrown up. (Just note that no one but Tim will be allowed in the birthing room with me while the gross stuff is going on.) I know dreams mean nothing, and are not able to predict future events, but I woke up to the thought of a precious baby girl and just melted. Whatever we get will be 6 short weeks we'll be able to know. How cool is that?

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