Thursday, January 31, 2008

Week 16

Hi Baby,

Well, how about we get a-movin' in there? I know I should be more patient, and all the books and websites say that it can be up until Week 20-22 until I feel you move, but now would be a good time. Now would make me very happy. Pretty please? I know you're active in there, but I would love to be a little part of your gymnastics. I know I'll want to take all this back when you're 38 weeks old and crushing my lungs and bladder into a pulp. But for now, give Mama a little peek into your underwater world.

Other than that, things have been going pretty smoothly this past week. You're the size of an avocado! That makes me very pleased because I love guacamole more than anything else in this whole world. Though I hope your first sentence isn't "Hey Jose! Bring me a Corona!" Your father may try to teach you that early on. Lily isn't catching on quick enough for his taste.

I've been reading lots of books about how to care for a newborn, and I am learning many different methods of soothing a crying infant. Please don't cry. It sounds like it would be awful. Your mama likes 8 hours of sleep per night so if you could please comply with this standard, I would be very appreciative. But these so-called experts on baby raising all have wildly differing opinions so it's incredibly hard figuring out which is best. I suppose we'll learn when you get here. Lord knows you're probably going to be a bit of a firecracker so we'll have our hands full. I'll try lots of methods to make you happy, and if they don't work, you and I will sit down and write nasty complaint letters to the authors and question their so-called "credentials". M.D.? Please. That really means Massive Dumbo. R.N.? Reject No-Brain. (I'm trying to keep it clean for the kid...if I had my druthers this blog would be a lot more...expressive).

Keep up the good growth in there, kiddo.


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