Monday, January 21, 2008

Week 14/15

Hi Baby,

Guess what? Only 5 more weeks until we get to find out what you are. By that I mean, we'll soon find out if you are a he or a she! My patience in this matter is wearing very thin as I find myself falling in love with many different itty bitty onesies, nursery decorations, and tiny little shoes. But of course, everything is geared towards boy OR girl so I haven't been able to buy you much yet. And that makes your father very happy.

Speaking of money, your father and I had a very important discussion about finances and fiscal responsibility. Basically, we learned that your father is responsible, and I am not. Or at least that is his interpretation of our discussion. But the cherry on top is that not three days after that discussion, a brand spanking new Playstation 3 gaming device shows up on our doorstep. Hmmmm...I cannot even imagine who ordered that! So curious. Must be the little elves that live under our front porch.

This week you're about 3-4 inches long and weigh 2.5 ounces. The website that likes the fruit comparison says that you're an apple. I prefer red apples, but green are ok too. Your legs are beginning to grow in proportion to your body, and your arms have reached their final length, again in proportion to your body. You've made my belly start to pop out noticeably...especially in any of my pre-pregnancy clothes. My skinny jeans are a thing of the past. You also make it very difficult to sleep on my stomach. Anytime I roll onto my stomach at night, the ache wakes me immediately. Almost like you're telling me not to get too comfortable, because "hey lady? guess what? you ain't sleeping through the night for the next year." Sweet. You're growing hair patterns too...if you're a boy let's pray to the good hair gods that you get your father's hair pattern. Your grandfather on my side has none left.

In a few weeks I'm going to begin feeling you move, though at our appointment last week you were tumbling and turning all over the place! I heard your heartbeat for the very first time. It was magical. The thump, thump, thump kept disappearing as you did your gymnastics, but the doctor assured me you sound strong and healthy. Next time your daddy will bring the video camera so we can record your heartbeat. You will be a YouTube sensation, I tell you.

I'll continue eating for the both of us. Don't you worry about that...ever. I'm doing a very good job of it. Though if your father calls me one more time to brag about his awesome Chinese food lunch, he's not getting dinner for a week. His pipe dream of home cooked meals will never come to fruition.

I love you, Baby.


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Tess said...

HI Sara,

I love your posts!! They are so sweet! I am so excited for you two and I wish we were in the same spot because I am pregnant too!! We both were pregnant when we had that chat a few months ago. Hilarious!

Christian hasn't let me post on the blog since we found out since he knows it is all I would write about.

Lots of love to you and the little one!