Friday, June 20, 2008


I will never claim that I have a keen fashion sense. I care about how I look, and I like to buy pretty clothes, shoes, accessories, etc. But let me tell you something: pregnancy has a way of making you NOT CARE AT ALL what you look like. The thought of showering is exhausting in itself not to mention blowdrying my hair? Oh god, my arms turn to jelly just thinking about it. Lying in bed every morning I think about "getting ready" and want to stay in bed all day. Yes, I know that since I am home full time now I don't have to shower and look pretty, but if I don't do all of those things to look better, I realize I feel like crap by the middle of the morning. But seriously? Today I have a nail appointment (in ten minutes! what am I doing talking to YOU?), an eye exam because I suck and ran out of contacts, and a trip to Target to buy a new bra to contain these puppies (I just know they are going to be all saggy and nasty after having a baby, why world? why?)(and I refuse to spend money on bras that won't fit in a few months, so there.). Anyhow, my clothes barely fit, I have been running around in the ugliest maternity skirts from Old Navy, and I can't imagine any shoes besides my Reef flip flops (what am I? a fifteen year old surfer?). And the worst part? I know it won't get better after the baby comes. In fact, I fully anticipate my laziness with regard to my appearance to worsen. There must be a magic button to fix this...right?

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