Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Matters of the heart

Within days of each other we found out both my grandfather and Tim's mom have to have heart procedures. My grandfather will be having open heart surgery sometime in the next week or so and tomorrow Tim's mom goes in for an angioplasty and if that doesn't work then it's open heart surgery for her. My father was diagnosed with heart disease years ago and has battled complications for years, including a stroke and adult onset diabetes.

With these genes our odds of complications down the road are much higher. I hope that we keep taking care of ourselves so we can ward off any future heart problems and also show our babies that heart disease is preventable, regardless of your genes and family history. Our grandparents and parents didn't know that their lifestyle choices as younger adults would have such a detrimental effect on their health later in life. But we know better now. We have to make better choices. We WILL make better choices. If not for ourselves then for our son.

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