Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Week 36/37 plus gratuitous belly shot

Ok, I think I am over the shock of discovering the stretch marks. I should probably call Target and apologize for my minor breakdown in their dressing room upon discovery of said stretch marks and subsequent teary phone call to my husband. During that phone call I discovered that not only did he notice the stretch marks but that they had been there for a couple of weeks. Gah! He kept that from me for weeks! That has to be against our marriage vows or something.

We officially reached the 4 week mark as of yesterday. 4 weeks...28 days...672 hours to go. Maybe more, maybe less. Please be less. Once this week passes the baby is officially considered "cooked" and can come at any time with no detrimental side effects. I feel like I am on baby watch 2008. Every twinge, every little pain makes me wonder if "it's time". I think I woke up five times last night because I had a minor cramp in my abdomen and got all excited...for nothing. Yay for gas.

But we're ready. I think. As ready as we're going to be.

Can't you just hear his shouts of "let me out of heeerrrrreeeeeeeeee, I'm sick of this studio and would much prefer a one bedroom, one bathroom with a separate dining area and possibly a little sun porch".

Baby details: approx. 19 inches long, 6 lbs or so, squirming like an angry caterpillar, fondness for Mexican and chocolate ice cream, dislikes it when Mama lays (or is it lies?) on her right side and squishes his head.

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Danielle said...

You "lie" down, you "lay" an object down...I checked with Emily Delgado just to make sure I was right about this one : )

You're looking great!