Friday, June 27, 2008

Time is not flying

Did you know that next week is the beginning of July? And then what that means is that we are in the MONTH THAT THIS BABY WILL BE BORN. I start my days feeling happy that I have a few more weeks before I have to be a mother to a new baby and still have some time to get work done around the house (because I am doing it? no, just thinking about it) and time to spend with just my husband before our double wide becomes a triple wide. But by the time dinner rolls around I am posting eviction notices on my belly and begging, no, pleading, with my unborn child to make his exit quickly and efficiently. The doc told me I am beginning to thin and soften (the cervix that is...I am not getting thinner anywhere else right now) and I am "right where I should be at 36 weeks 4 days" said with a smile and a pat on the arm. Maybe the wild look in my eyes told the truth of how I feel because she followed it up with this gem "I wouldn't get your hopes up of an early delivery...90% of the first borns I see are late...we'll let you go a week past your due date before we do another ultrasound to see what's going on". Why thank you, doc, that was EXACTLY what I wanted to hear. I am so not offering her a swig from my champagne bottle after this kid comes out.

My worry is that if he stays in there too long that he will get too big and then I am screwed because I will go into labor and then I will labor for 20 hours until they realize that the baby is too big and not descending into my pelvis and then I will have a c-section and holy god I have been watching too much TLC. But seriously! It's happened to 3 people I know! And they're not even people on the TV who I pretend to be friends with. I have no control over this process and that just pisses me off a little bit. So, I'm here, waiting, impatiently.

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Anonymous said...

I completely share your fear about the baby being too big to come out. People always seem bewildered when I say that I hope my baby boy comes a few days early, but you and I are thinking the same thing!
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