Wednesday, July 16, 2008

5 days until due date

Update from the doctor's office:

Just over 1 cm dilated, so not too much change from last week there. But I am almost 100% effaced. For you pregnancy novices, that means my cervix is paper thin...the doc described it as a deep dish pizza thickness last week and this week it's less than Neapolitan pizza crust thickness. That is excellent progress.

To help things along, the doc stripped my membranes which means she separated the membranes that contain the amniotic sac away from the cervix. Supposedly this assists in the release of prostaglandins which begin labor. She gave us a very rough estimate of 48 hours until labor can begin, but of course that can mean nothing and I can still go overdue. From what I've read, stripping the membranes can help but it is by no means a guarantee.

Keep checking in for updates!

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