Monday, July 7, 2008

Two week wait

Except this two week wait is at the opposite end of the baby-making game. My initial guess for the date of delivery was July 9th...but I am afraid to tell you that is not looking very promising. I fear my little brother, the only one who picked a date AFTER my due date, may win the family baby pool. Do you think I could ask him for the cash, under the guise of depositing it into the baby's college fund, but really spending it on a new pair of shoes for mama?

It almost seems brash and arrogant of me to assume that the baby will be early. Like I am better than all those other women out there who give birth late, which we obviously know is NOT THE CASE. It's a proven statistic that first babies tend to be on the later side. Not all, but the majority. I have no more knowledge of when this baby is going to come than you do. If you care to wager, feel free to leave your birth date guess in a comment. I won't even make you give me any money, though charitable donations are always graciously accepted and may be tax deductible (please consult your tax advisor). Keep in mind that my doctor won't let me go past July 28th...she'll induce by that date. Also keep in mind that if you guess something like July 28th, I won't be friends with you anymore. Because you're mean and cruel.

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