Tuesday, July 1, 2008

It's July FYI

In case you didn't know, my kid will be making his appearance sometime this month. Not next month, THIS month. And you know how you always look back and say "why, I can't believe it's already July and halfway to Christmas, aw shucks!"? Yeah, well, I'm looking forward and thinking that I cannot believe how long this has taken to get here. Maybe it's just the last few weeks that seem to drone on forever and ever. Yesterday I took it upon myself to paint the front porch and stairs (not done yet so you don't get a picture), and I seriously think I was subconsciously trying to start labor. What sane, 37+ weeks pregnant woman starts a project like that? That is taking the nesting thing way too far. Tim took away my paintbrush and roller so I can't finish the project...do you think he'll lock up the mulch we got for the backyard too? I was so going to do that tomorrow.

I'm getting progressively more grouchy and cranky as the days wear on. I cannot ever decide what to eat...actually, I don't feel like eating at all which pisses off my doctors. I KNOW I have to eat, but if it's not made for me or readily available, I'm not interested. Every night Tim comes home from work and asks what I want for dinner (ok, wait, one would think that if one is not working then one could make dinner for her tired, stressed husband...however, I am not that person) and every night the answer is the same: I don't know. And I really don't. Two months ago I could have told you down to the dessert exactly what I wanted to eat. Now I have to force myself to find something that looks appetizing. I have never had this issue with food and I am so hoping this is a fleeting, pregnancy related problem. I need my food love back.

Picture of the day:

Do you think they'll make room for the baby in there? I hear that's the best way to contain your child.

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