Monday, July 14, 2008

Week 39

Hi Baby,

So, how's it going in there? Good? I hear it's good. But you know what would be better? Meeting you OUT HERE! It's a beautiful, sunny summer day and your daddy and I would love it if you decided to come out very soon. Not that I don't want you to take full advantage of your 40 week stay and grow big and strong, but from what I've read, you are officially cooked and now you're just hanging out. We're ready to meet you so whenever you're ready (now?) feel free to let me know and I'll get you out asap.

Your nursery is all set, and your daddy spent a good part of Sunday putting together a very plastic, very "musical" mobile for your crib. I had bought you a lovely handmade mobile to hang above your crib but it doesn't have MUSIC! and COLORS! and MONKEYS! So your daddy felt it was necessary to find you a new one that has all of those stimulating and exciting things. Oh, this one has a remote so he can control it from the doorway and not disturb you. I really think this is his way of not letting me "decorate" your room any further. Apparently, boys need plastic toys. I guarantee he will buy you every single noise-making truck or plane or train and then he'll run off to work cackling while I clutch my head in despair.

Your car seat is properly installed in the car, your stroller is fully assembled (it comes with shocks for our bumpy city sidewalks...your daddy picked it out...bells and whistles, you know), our hospital bags are mostly packed, and your diaper bag is full of baby goodies. We're ready for you. Now you just need to be ready to meet us. I have never been a particularly patient person so this waiting game is hard on me. I want to wiggle your little toes that have been poking me in the sides for the past months. I want to feel you curl your tiny fingers around mine and hold on tight. I want to meet you and realize I have known you forever.

This past weekend we attended a small dinner party hosted by our close friends who have just announced that they are giving you a playmate in February...wait, I mean, they are expecting their own perfect bundle of joy...we are so selfish to think it's all about us :) (CONGRATS A & M!!!! You KNOW I am so excited for you). Anyhow, your daddy and I spent the majority of the evening chatting with friends who are already parents; Jill has a 20 month old daughter and John has a 10 month old son. Watching them both talk about their respective children and to see the light in their eyes when they did was inspiring. I can't wait until we are those parents, those parents who cannot stop exclaiming over every moment with their child no matter how insignificant. "It goes by so fast" was what we heard over and over...I can't wait for you to be here so I know what that means.

You're my baby, my love. If we're lucky, we'll get to meet each other soon. Until then, I'll try and be patient. But now would be, now would be GREAT. I love you little one.


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