Friday, November 28, 2008

The end of an era (a very short-lived era)

My term as the mother of a stationary infant is officially over. I am now an eagle-eyed, one hand when on the changing table at all times, crib mattress-lowering mother. Noah has officially learned how to roll over. It was touch and go last week and he could do it with plenty of "assistance" from us, but now he is all about the rolling. All by himself. Nap time? No way, Mom, ROLLING TIME! Bed time? Nope, not sleeping then either! RollRollRollRoll! He can only go from tummy to back and since he sleeps on his tummy, every time he rolls onto his back when he's sleeping the eyes fly open and the arms start waving and the mouth starts yelling. It's super fun for us.

It's pretty fantastic though that he is right on target for hitting all the infant milestones. Rolling over, pushing up on his arms, sitting with assistance...all of these things show us that he is developing well and growing quickly. I find it reassuring that we can so easily see his progress and watch him grow.

I hear from those who have gone before me that the novelty of rolling ends pretty quickly, but I should resign myself to a week or so of lost naps and plenty of nighttime wake-ups. I just cannot express how excited I am. No words. Seriously. Excuse me while I go bang my head against the wall.

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