Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Pardon the interruption

When you tell your husband not to worry about getting you a gift/flowers/A CARD for your wedding anniversary and then he actually DOESN'T worry about it so you receive NOTHING, do you a) stomp your feet and complain, b) act all passive-aggressive and comment under your breath about it, or c) show him your blog where you are detailing, with loving and painstaking precision, your meeting and courtship and watch for signs of shame?

I chose c.  Note to self:  if you want something from your husband for your anniversary/birthday/christmas/the day you pushed an 8 pound baby out of your precious lady parts thereby ruining them foreverandeveramen, you better not tell him he doesn't have to do anything...reverse psychology doesn't work.  Ever.

It's a good thing he's cute and snuggly.  I suppose I'll keep him.  (And not that I NEED to say this, but I really am fine that we didn't exchange gifts or cards this year...money is tight, as we all know, and this fine man tells me everyday how much he loves me.  And I didn't get him anything so the playing field is still level.)

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becoming-mom said...

We are also remarkably low key about gifts, anniveraries and such.. but yeah, sometimes you're hoping for a nice surprise! ;)