Monday, November 10, 2008

G'day to you

Lo, it is Monday.  Which looks just like a Saturday in my book except that it isn't Saturday, OBVIOUSLY.  Noah is currently hanging out in his swing chewing on some sort of baby toy that looks like a cow but I would consider it more of a cow with gay tendencies what with the rainbow necklace.  This is a huge accomplishment people...up until a few weeks ago he would scream every time I placed him oh so gently in the swing.  Now, he'll play contentedly for quite some time.  Which leaves me plenty of time for doing stuff, like blogging, or watching tv, or painting my toenails.   

Noah's new "thing" is sounding like a little goat.  It's a vibrating noise that starts way back in his throat and comes out in a cross between a goat and donkey.  Except everytime he does it, he ends up with a mad case of the hiccups.  But it is pretty incredible to listen to him make noise, other than crying, because up until now he was only silently judging me.  Now he can actually do it outloud.  In all seriousness, this whole vocalizing thing is amazing.  His brain is growing at an incredible pace and he's turning into a sturdy little baby.   He's no longer a wobbly newborn whose arms and legs flail about in random fashion (we never did get the hang of the swaddle). And it's only been 3 and a half months.  Tim and I were discussing this morning that in a matter of WEEKS he'll be rolling over.  WEEKS.   It takes me months to master new skills, so the fact that he can do new things in a matter of weeks rocks my world.  And every night, when I watch him on the video monitor, sleeping so peacefully, I turn to Tim and say once again, "That's our boy, all ours, and I love him.  We get to keep him forever and ever."  


Anonymous said...

Oh, how I love the clackety-clak of the Fisher-Price swing. Isn't it magical? I am glad to hear that Noah is talking. That's awesome!

Sparks Family said...

I love what you say to time every night. I have told many people - "I cannot believe that I get to keep and that no one can take him away from me" Generally, people look at me like I am nuts. Oh and I hope your brain came back for the night since I think you are at a "work" function.